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Just like a regular x-ray, dental x-rays can give great insight on the state of a patient's teeth and oral cavity. We have a designated dental x-ray machine that allows us to take clear concise images in order to evaluate your pet's teeth and determine any problems. We offer dental x-rays at any time of a dental procedure, and highly recommend them for older pets.

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The Services Offered at Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital

Dental scalings are the veterinary equivalent of teeth cleanings, except the animal is put under general anesthesia in order to perform a full oral exam. Each dental procedure includes meticulous cleaning of each tooth, as well as polishing the teeth and reinforcing with a fluoride rinse. Though a pet's teeth may not look dirty, cleaning the tartar and examining the teeth also both us and you to keep your pet from developing further dental issues. 

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If your pet has a specific issue with their teeth or suffers from a dental disease, our hospital and staff is equipped to best treat the issues. Dr. Kim is trained to perform veterinary dentistry, including but not limited to tooth extractions, root canals, vital pulpotomies, gum surgeries, and periodontal flap surgeries.

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Dental health is exceedingly important to the overall health of your pet. Much like humans, animals can have many dental issues that can cause bigger problems in the long run if left untreated and not maintained. Just like us, pets should have their teeth brushed once a day; of course, many owners do not have the ability to clean their pets' teeth daily, so it is even more important to bring your pet in for a physical, where the veterinarian can check their teeth to make sure they are healthy and to treat maladies before they manifest into something more serious.