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Learning at Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital

*Please read before filling out the form!*

The field of veterinary medicine is one that is 

strenuous but rewarding. Many people have

contemplated the idea of working with animals or 

becoming a veterinarian, but few know where to

begin. The answer: internships.

Most people will not know if this is the right field for

them until they see for themselves; this is where

practical internships come in, and that is what we

provide here at Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital. We

give the ability to see how an animal hospital

functions behind the front desk, as well as let you be

a part of it. You will be able to shadow the veterinarian

and technicians throughout a typical day and see

exactly what this profession consists of. From

appointments to surgeries to laboratory work to

keeping records and communicating with clients, you

will have a primary perspective into the animal

medical world.

Veterinary hours, such as those accrued in our

internships, can be logged to be implemented

for practical hours for applicable veterinary assistant

and veterinary technician academic programs. These

hours also have value if a student chooses to apply

for veterinary school.

We have worked with many partnerships for

internships in the past, including Animal Behavior

College (ABC), Penn Foster, Rutgers Unviersity, and

many local high schools with externship programs.

Applicant Requirements:

We consider all applicants that are at least 16 years

of age and who have a willingness to learn. No prior

veterinary experience is required for our internships.

If you have a disability, please inform us when applying

and we will do our best to accommodate you.

All applicants that meet minimum qualifications will beasked to interview with either one of our veterinarians, our office manager, or our head technician. There will also be a a tour of the hospital. Please make sure to check your email or phone for correspondence from us.

Internship Objectives and Expectations:

Interns will be given learning objectives as a guideline for an idea of what they should be learning during their time at our hospital. Such tasks and information will be taught in a practical setting, integrated through the normal day, in order to facilitate the realities of the veterinary field with the advantage of a learning perspective.

Like most other animal hospitals and veterinary clinics, the Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital provides its interns with a wealth of information and hours that can be then utilized in pursuit of a veterinary-related career. As such, we do not offer paid internships. The Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital recognizes the commitment exemplified by our interns and, in return, provide lunch each day, along with a 30 minute break.

Scheduling and Availability:

Availability and scheduling for internships are based on the current number of interns we currently have, which changes based on the time of year. Providing your availability in the form allows us to more appropriately place you so that the staff are able to give you the appropriate time and education.

The Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital runs Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 7:00pm, and Saturday, 8:30am to 2:00pm. Surgeries are scheduled every day but Saturday and usually happen before 3:00pm. Appointments are scheduled at any time. As an intern, you are not required to be present the entire day; we can work with your availability as you list in your application. Any further questions/concerns can be addressed in the final box of the application form.

*We are currently accepting internship applications for all those interested in weekday assignments!*

​​To apply for an internship, please the following questions: