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The Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital is equipped with everything Dr. Kim and his staff needs in order to treat your pet to the best of our ability. Our hospital looks on the outside to be the typical general practice, but we integrate many functions of specialized facility and emergency clinic within our walls that sets us apart from the surrounding clinics. 



The Facility at Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital

Our facility includes:

     Spacious, open front lobby and reception areas

     Three fully stocked exam rooms

     Therapy room, decorated for optimal relaxation and reduced stress

     Two designated, fully-stocked treatment areas

     Surgical suite, equipped with the highest quality equipment and  

     materials to perform a wide variety of surgerical procedures

     Dental surgical suite, equipped to perform dental scalings, dental

     radiographs, and a variety of orofacial surgeries

     Designated ICU and patient recovery area

     Centralized pharmacy area

     Digital X-Ray machine

     Two ultrasound machines

     Computerized Tomography (CT) machine


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