Dr. Kim specializes in orthopedic surgeries and has performed hundreds surgeries to treat torn/ruptured cruciate ligaments, patella luxations, bone fractures, and other joint surgeries. Dr. Kim is also trained to perform a range of neurosurgery, including but not limited to disc surgery, laminectomy, and hemilaminectomy. 

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Besides cats and dogs, our hospital is equipped and trained to perform procedures on ferrets and other small mammals. Such surgeries include but are not limited to foreign body removal, adrenalectomy, and insulinoma surgery

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The Services Offered at Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital

Our hospital is capable of performing routine spay and neuters for dogs, cats, and rabbits. We will also perform a variety of tumor excisionsforeign body removalscystotomies, wound closures, as well as emergency procedures such as pyometra, Cesarean sections, and tracheal stent placements.

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Surgery is almost an expected part of owning a pet; whether getting altered or fixing a broken leg. Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital is equipped to provide a variety of different surgical options to our clients, both general and specialized. 

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