Paralysis and disc disease

     Allergies and lameness

     Arthitis and lameness

     Chronic disease of the liver, kidney, and heart

     Adjunctive therapy for anxiety/behavorial disorders

     Complementary therapy for cancer

The Services Offered at Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital

In today's world, it is becoming more and more coming for there to be a melding of "traditional" Western medicine and "alternative" or "homeopathic" medicine. Studies have found (in both humans and animals) that a combination of both method of treatment are more effective at treating a disease than each individually. In addition, some pets may be diagnosed with an illness that cannot be easily rectified by a medication or surgery. This is where herbal and acupuncture therapy comes in.

Dr. Kim is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA) through the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and is trained to perform a variety of acupuncture techniques to best treat your pet. In addition, we have a larger supply of herbal medication to treat related illnesses, either combined with acupuncture therapy or otherwise. Herbal medication is beneficial in that it has no side effects compared to traditional prescription medication.

Additionally, we also offer laser therapy, which, like in human physical therapy, promotes cell regeneration and blood circulation to expedite healing.

Regular acupuncture sessions, laser therapy, and/or herbal medication have been successfully have allowed us to successfully treat the following diseases:

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