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Just like humans, pets do best when they eat a well-balanced diet and get adequate exercise. Obesity can cause many serious problems in long-term. Our staff can give you the best   recommendations for your pet.

Preventative care involves:

Fleas and tick can transmit many diseases to your pet. Topical or oral prevention effectively keeps these insects away, better than flea collars!

The Services Offered at Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital

Preventative care and wellness is the foundation on which your pet's health is based on. Many problems and maladies can be relieved, delayed, or avoided entirely with proper preventative care. Though not everything can be solved or deflected via such practices, preventative care is an excellent way to ensure your pet has a long, enjoyable life.

Physical exams give insight to the pet's overall health, as well as can allow us to identify potential problems in the early stages, when they are most treatable.

Vaccinations for your pet protects them from contracting serious diseases. we stock a large variety of vaccines. Give us a call to find out what vaccinations are best for your pet!


Intestinal parasites can upset the intestinal track and carry diseases between pets and to humans. A dewormer or fecal test is an easy way to ensure your pet is worm-free!



Heartworm is unlike other parasites; transmitted through mosquitoes, it travels to the heart, rather than the intestines. One tasty chew can protect your pet for a month!


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